About Us

The Short Version

Meet the owners of Hello Lovely, Barbara Mahoney and Kris McCorstin. Barbara and Kris are long-time friends who are passionate about their families and great fashion. The two assumed ownership of Hello Lovely in 2015.

Long Version:

Owners Barbara Mahoney and Kris McCorstin are passionate about many things–especially their families and shopping! The two first came together living as Expats in Belgium.  Here they pooled their talent and resources to open a very successful school store. Fast forward years later and a relocation to metro Atlanta, Barbara and Kris found themselves once again living in the same city. The opportunity for a partnership presented itself when the original owner of Hello Lovely was looking for just the right owners to take over the boutique that she so lovingly created.  The two said, “Yes!” and the dynamic duo were once again in business.

Barbara and Kris want Hello Lovely to be the first stop people make in the Crabapple area when looking for something unique and special for themselves or a friend or loved one.